Benjamin J. Judson's (FREE) Car Bingo Generator
The cards look much better than this page!
  1. Customize the cards to your liking with the form below and the cards will be generated on the next page.
  2. Create your own car bingo games for hours of fun with you and your family on long road trips.
  3. This program allows you to create a custom car bingo game for your specific trip, you can tell it the types of pieces you want, the difficulty of the game that is appropriate, and where you will be going on your trip (so the difficulty will be more accurate).
If you are in a hurry just select the provinces and states, change the difficulty to 'Almost Impossible' and click create card.
If anyone uses this please let me know. You can email bingo (the@sign) benjudson (dot) com with comments or suggestions.
Cards per Row
Rows per Page
Define Centerblock
I will be visiting:
Use the CTRL Key, and click on each state
you want to visit. If you click on the
wrong State simply ctrl click on the
state again to unmark it.
Use the CTRL Key, and click on each category
you want to use. If you click on the
wrong Category simply ctrl click on the
category again to unmark it.
Maximum Difficulty per Piece
Ever need to make a long trip with the kids and want to busy them looking out the window rather than fighting with each other? Then Car Bingo is for you! I used to create these bingo cards for my family every year by hand. It was a pain ensuring that I did not duplicate items on the card and that I did not duplicate the cards wholesale onto another card. Even when I tried to make the cards randomly I ended up finding patterns.


Version 2.0